Saturday, June 28, 2008

I Hate my neighbours

I know this is completely unIslamic for me to be talking about people like this but I'm 7 months pregnant and it's a million degrees out, I really just need to vent.
It seems to me like people these days just don't know how to raise their children, it's like they are afraid to discipline them, either that or they're just too lazy. Everyday I have to listen to the kids next door scream and cry ( what miserable little brats ). Unfortunately these kids belong to the owner of the house and it's either we move out or put up with it, moving out would be great, but at the moment is a little difficult. Something I found out first hand while in Syria, was that people like this will never change and they lack any ounce of respect. To add to this daily frustration, yesterday the neighbours came home at 10:30pm and decided since they don't have to work the next day it must not be too late to let their little brats run up and down the stairs and scream for half and hour. Then at 12:30 am they decided they haven't made enough noise yet so they stood by our bedroom wall only to have some loud conversation with their weekend guests. Having had enough of their ignorance my husband called the owners cell, but to no avail, we politely tapped on the wall to get our point across, I mean if we can hear them they can certainly hear us. These people just couldn't take a hint, my husband finally went down stairs and knocked about 10 times on their answer, and as he looked up he saw all those loud people looking back at him like he had no business knocking on their door so late. I don't think they ever got the hint because this morning what did I wake up too, the miserable kid crying it's brains out. Common sense people, you don't give your kid enough sleep of course they are going to be grouchy miserable little unhappy brats.

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